Introducing the Bateau Boeuf Box

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Boeuf Box $200 (tax included)

each Bateau Boeuf Box comes complete with:

1 pint of Beef Tallow

1 pint of Bone Broth

Bone Marrow Butter

5lbs dry aged beef bones

1lb. of grass fed & finished dry aged ground beef

grass fed & finished steaks to feed 4, including extended dry aged cuts (up to 120 days!), butchered in house and selected by our crew

Here at Bateau, curating an experience that highlights just how many hands are involved in serving you beautiful cuts of steak is a process that is beloved by our crew. From showcasing ranches that are dedicated to raising grass fed and finished cows, to dry aging and butchering cuts of steak in house, to increasing our knowledge of what makes each cut special and then guiding our guests to the steak of their dreams – it’s a true joy, this work. It’s one of the things we think makes Bateau so special.

Over these last few weeks one of the things we’ve missed the most is that curation process; the one that involves having thoughtful conversations about our guests’ preferences and giving folks the opportunity to try something so wonderfully unique that they just couldn’t find elsewhere. Even though we can’t invite you inside and cook for you, we still want to keep having these conversations, and we still want to send you home with incredible product, thoughtfully curated by our crew.

With this, we’re introducing the Bateau Boeuf Box, a selection of beefy provisions and steaks curated by our crew for you to prepare in the comfort of your home. The Boeuf Box is for steak-lovers that find themselves seeking bigger flavors, more intriguing textures, and sustainably sourced beef from local ranches. It’s for the kind of steak eater that wouldn’t shy away from a cut that has been dry aged for more than100 days. (Yes, really!) It’s for our guests that find delight in being guided towards something new, interesting, and absolutely delicious.

We’re so excited to continue sharing incredible beef with you. Keep an eye out on social media for what we’re highlighting each week in our Boeuf Box, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions about our offerings.

With love and gratitude,

The Bateau Crew