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Bateau, french for “boat,” is both a nod to our first restaurant, Boat Street Café, as well as an attempt to reimagine the American steak house around quality, sustainability and animal welfare.

Heritage cattle breeds, renowned for their flavor, selected and owned by Bateau, and cared for by Pure Country, a Food Alliance certified ranch in Moses Lake, Washington, are the centerpiece of Bateau’s whole animal menu. All of our cows are conscientiously raised, grass fed and, just as importantly, grass finished. Bateau’s beef is dry aged for a minimum of 21-days and butchered in house by Bateau butcher, Scott Johnson. This is certainly not the fastest, easiest, or most economical way to serve beef, but we believe it is the best way.

Specialty cuts are sold by weight and availability alongside Chef Taylor Thornhill’s inventive dishes, oft replete with foraged and fermented ingredients. Steak house classics, done the right way, such as twice fried frites, buttery mashed potatoes, iconic cocktails, and an extensive bottle list round out the offerings. Service is friendly yet refined.

The dining room pays its respects to Boat Street Café through the repurposing of many of Boat Street’s fixtures and furniture pieces. Guests may recognize the now decades old, rough, slate tables as well as artist Curtis Steiner’s ‘Jeffry’ chalk drawing.

“At Bateau, we endeavor to express what’s happening in our corner of the world and to gesture to our beginnings at Boat Street Café, while also creating something new and exciting.” -Chef Owner, Renee Erickson