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Our Beloved Boards

Our beloved blackboard featuring Emma Sargeant's chalk illustration. | pc: Dorothée Brand

We have a special fondness for chalk at Bateau.

If you’ve ever sat at our bar you’ve probably noticed the portrait of Jeffry, Renee’s first dog, watching over this cozy corner of the restaurant. Named for artist and friend of Sea Creatures Jeffry Mitchell, and drawn in chalk by another prolific local artist, Curtis Steiner, Jeffry looks over the bar and has delighted many of our guests who recognize him from Boat Street.

Curtis Steiner's chalk drawing of Jeffry. | pc: Dorothée Brand

Towards the entrance of the restaurant is another chalk rendering of two cows gazing out at the dining room. This portrait was expertly drawn by artist Emma Sargeant, and perfectly captures the essence of these beautiful animals that we all love.

Our GM Jamie Irene writes the daily steak offerings on one of our chalkboards. | pc: Elizabeth Cecil

Beef at Bateau is butchered and dry aged in house, and all of our specialty cuts are sold by weight. Because the list of cuts changes every single day, we write it by hand in chalk on the three blackboards that line the walls of the dining room. From classic steak cuts like ribeyes and filets to more unique offerings that reflect our approach to whole-animal butchery, these handwritten lists contain a multitude of beefy options for you to choose from.

Come in soon to take a closer look at the steak board and the sweet chalk drawings that are beloved to us here at Bateau.