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Unique Steak Cuts Abound

One of the greatest things about Bateau’s ever-evolving beef program is that our daily list of steak cuts is always expanding.

Beef at Bateau is butchered by Tom Coss and dry aged in house, and all of our specialty cuts are sold by weight. Because the list of cuts changes every single day, we write it by hand in chalk on the three blackboards that line the walls of the dining room. From classic steak cuts to more unique options, these handwritten lists contain a multitude of beefy options for you to choose from when you dine with us.

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Bateau Butcher Tom Coss hard at work. | pc: Justin Legaspi
Bateau Butcher Tom Coss hard at work. | pc: Justin Legaspi

In addition to the filets, ribeyes, and other beloved, familiar steaks that grace the list each day, Coss has been fabricating brand-new-to-Bateau steaks that exemplify his dedication to whole-animal butchery and that truly highlight his craftsmanship.

For example, the ventre is a steak fabricated from the belly of the cow. Rich, fatty, and flavorful, this cut has delighted ribeye lovers that want to branch out and try something new. Another unique offering is the flanchet, the fatty flap portion of the flank that typically wouldn’t be cut as a steak. Lately we’ve featured bone-in New York steaks, chuck filets, oyster steaks, and Tom is also going to be debuting a star steak in the coming weeks as well.

Come in and treat yourself to something beefy, delicious, and unexpected soon!